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Prelude to State of Education NOW / Doors Open

Matthew Ebel (@matthewebel) - Musical Director, #140edu

Welcome to 92nd Street Y

Larisa Gelman (@92Y) - Director of Educational Outreach, 92Y

Welcome to #140edu

Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy
Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) - founder #140conf

The Importance Of Being A Connected Educator
As veterans of the #140Confs we would like to talk to the importance of being a connected educator. Many of the folks in attendance are themselves connected but it is important to build strategies to get the word out as to why we need to be connected. 4 educators will share their stories of the how's and why's of being connected.

Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) - Principal of New Milford HS (NJ): NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Google Certified Teacher, ASCD Conference Scholar, Author, Speaker
Kyle Pace (@kylepace) - District Instructional Technology Specialist and Google Certified Teacher. Presenter. Love to learn. Love to share. #EdcampKC organizer. Proud Dad.
Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom) - Educator, Speaker, Blogger, #Edchat Co-Creator, #140Conf Character, Edublogs Twitterer Of The Year, ASCD Emerging Leader.
Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby) - Prof of Education. Founder: #Edchat, The EDU PLN Ning, Linkedin group Technology-Using Professors et al.

Socially Smart: What Schools Aren't Teaching That Kids Need to Know
A talk about the skills that are not being taught at home or at school, the lack of which are having a big impact on how cognitively intelligent individuals are struggling out in the real world, and what can and needs to be done about it.

Jenn Swanson (@JennSwanson2) - podcaster, healthcare educator, author, writer, youth minister, wife and mom who loves to communicate and to explore all areas of communication. owner of

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future
We teach in an amazing time, and yet the academic setting in which we work is far from perfect. Let's take an honest look at some of the things we do, both right and wrong, and how we can use educational technology to strengthen our schools.

Adam Bellow (@adambellow) - eduTecher / eduClipper Founder, Educational Technologist, Public Speaker, GCT

Bringing Back Creativity: Student Empowerment Through Trust
In an environment where hierarchy rules the day, students have lost faith in our educational system. As educators, we must re-establish the deep ties of trust that we have collectively lost from our students. Only by letting go of our need to have all the answers, our thirst for constant control and our desire to determine every educational outcome, can we offer our students a chance to bring out their creative child within. With this surrender, we foster risk takers, innovators, and individuals who will challenge the static paradigm of thinking and the stilted structure of schooling that now exists.

Brian Mannix (@mannixlab) - Proud father of four, techie social studies teacher, CEO of

Rethinking Collaborative Culture through Science Education
Two of our most recent discoveries at Science House Foundation: We are combining digital cultural collaboration and science education to catalyze and incentivize disenfranchised students worldwide to learn to read and write. I will share two brand new stories about how illiterate students in Manhattan and in the favelas of Brazil are learning to read and write because of the excitement of science education.

Joshua Fouts (@josholalia) - ExecDir @ScienceHouseFdn. Anthropologist. Photographer. Writer. Culture Nerd. Language geek.

Musical Interlude

Matthew Ebel (@matthewebel) - Musical Director, #140edu

How to Make Better Teachers
By emphasizing and embracing a culture of transparency where teachers and leaders share best practices via social spaces, we not only gain from one another but also hold each other accountable for improvement.

Dean Shareski (@shareski) - Teacher, learner, husband, father, golfer.

Peer learning: from the coffee shops to the offices.
Everywhere, people realize that education is a relationship, not an institution, and that an hour of anyone’s time can change someone else’s life. How is this worldwide peer-learning movement being organized? What could be its impact on the mobilization and circulation of knowledge within our communities, our enterprises?

Christine Renaud (@e180En) - Co-founder & CEO, E-180

Anywhere, Anytime Learning
The realtime web has revolutionized how educators can seek out opportunities to grow. Hear how 21st Century educators can utilize the Internet and Web 2.0 tools to create Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) and customize their “always-on” learning networks.

Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) - Principal of New Milford HS (NJ): NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Google Certified Teacher, ASCD Conference Scholar, Author, Speaker

How to make dropping out of school work for you.
Both times I dropped out of high school, and when I dropped out of college, it was because school was interfering with my learning. I was living in New York City, the home of industry, finance, multiple ethnic groups, dozens of museums, a variety of parks, and millions of interesting people, in short, a huge classroom available to the highly curious me. Now, thanks to the internet, Skype and other technology, the world is now a huge classroom available to anyone with a way to access it. It raises the question of whether school is still necessary and, if so, do students really need 12 years of it?

Deven Black (@devenkblack) - Middle school teacher-librarian/media specialist in NYC. If you expect simple answers to complicated questions you are in the wrong place.

Learning as a Roadmap to Finding Your Life’s Work
When our schools start integrating their disparate lessons into a curriculum that helps students find their vocations in life, they will be providing our young people with a valuable roadmap that points the way to working lives with both meaning and purpose. And as teachers, Americans, inhabitants of a troubled planet, we would get something too: a chance to mold a hopeful and energized generation to go forth and make the world a better place.

David Griesing (@worklifereward)

Chris Lehmann Keynote
A look at the State of Education NOW

Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy

Intermission / Networking / Lunch Break

Prelude to State of Education NOW: Afternoon Sessions

Matthew Ebel (@matthewebel) - Musical Director, #140edu

A New Species of Educator
As much as the dialogue has been opened about the importance and power of being a connected educator, most are still not. This has given rise to two factions of educators, and birthed a new 'species' of educator--one that is globally connected, one that is abreast of trends, research and policy ahead of the rest of their field. We want to tell our story and make a call to action for a new species of educator.

Hadley Ferguson (@hadleyjf) - Middle School History teacher, Teaching with Primary Sources Mentor Advisor for the Library of Congress, Tech enthusiast, Lifelong learner, Mom and Grandmom
Mary Beth Hertz (@mbteach) - K-7 Technology Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist in Philadelphia. Edcamp Foundation Board member & organizer.
Mike Ritzius (@mritzius) - A founding member of edcamp philly and the edcamp movement, PD consultant for NJEA, organizer #scido collaborative, teacher, curious, divergent, instigator.

Saving Lives and Legal issues Using Relationsips And Technology in Education
School Safety Hall Monitor Dave Bradley, Lawyer Eric Roher and Toronto Cop/Crime Stoppers International Social Media Adviser Scott Mills will discuss a vision for the success and safety of students and our community by thinking globally and acting locally.

David Bradley (@DavePicsBradley) - Hall Monitor at Earl Haig S.S. in Toronto. Has been working effectively with youth since 1991 and had added social media to his toolbox of way to be helpful.
Eric Roher (@eroher) - Dad, School Board Lawyer specializing in Internet, lover of canoes and my Vespa
Scott Mills (@GraffitiBMXCop) - Youth-BMX Bikes-Positive Approach to Graffiti | Toronto #SM Cop | Crime Stoppers

How people are learning on the Internet: past, present, future
The original purpose of the Internet was to share information in a quick and efficient manner. This purpose hasn't changed and has only grown to become a go-to resource by the World's population to not only consume information but to learn from it also. During the presentation we will walk the audience through the evolution of the various online tools and behaviors of learning on the Internet, from the search dominated era of Web 1.0 to the social and user-generated content period of Web 2.0 to what will become Web 3.0 - curation and mapping of the World's knowledge.

Kris Chinosorn (@MentorMob) - CEO - CoFounder MentorMob

Academic Administration and Social Media
The UNO School of Communication used Twitter and Facebook to organize and host an award-winning technology conference (Omaha 10-10-10), raise community awareness about academic programs, engage current students and alumni in campus news, and provide a foundation for development. In doing so, students learned about social media metrics and analytics, met key national and international social media leaders, and leveraged this knowledge during trips to Chicago and New York. The experiences helped students compete in today's job market.

Dr Jeremy Lipschultz (@JeremyHL) - #Professor & Director, UNO School of #Communication - University of #Nebraska at #Omaha - #author #media #journalism #education

Where the Wild Things App - Making a Difference In Behavorial Health
A project using interconnected, personal technology to provide a platform for early identification, intervention, and support for students and families who are affected by behavioral health issues.

David Lowe-Rogstad (@dlowe93) - Co-founder and President at Substance. Father, husband, cyclist, snowboarder.

They See You
From the moment they see you, your child emulates your behaviors, your mannerisms, your gestures and habits. How does your experience as a teacher help you in this situation? Does it hinder you? In this talk, I will explore some of my own experiences as a parent and as an educator, and how being the father of three has given a new immediacy to the quality of my own children's education, and a new commitment to the children of the community I work in.

Patrick Higgins (@pjhiggins) - Supervisor of Instruction

Engaging Community Through Demonstrations of Learning
Engaging teachers and pre-k through 5th grade students in authentic public demonstrations of learning.

Francis Yasharian (@FYasharian) - Head of Lower School for Boys at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Fan of learning, reading, film, travel & food.

Not Just Active Learning, Applied Learning
What used to be boring material delivered through a teacher led lecture can now be delivered to students in a variety of ways thanks to the wonders of technology. But if we take advantage of this great technology, what do we do with all that extra classroom time? Use it for applied learning! Give your students real world problems to wrestle with, to dissect, to analyze, and to solve.

Carin Zinter (@CarinZinter) - usiness Etiquette & Protocol Consultant, Experienced Educator, Motivational Speaker, Triathlete & Ultra-runner

Musical Interlude

Matthew Ebel (@matthewebel) - “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

#createtwit: tools for creative integration
We are digital hunter-gatherers; creative practices have always been based on the consolidation of ideas and materials (even before we called it mashup). So, it's quite possible I may not teach you anything new-new today. But let's have fun in the mash-pit. We're simmering in a rich stew, with a tremendous opportunity to come up with new creative recipes.

Jamie Leo (@jleonyc) - Interdisciplinary creative: wordsmith; pixel+pigment pusher. Advocates for health & sustainability at GRACE Communications Foundation.

Tomorrows Classroom
featuring a student who's experienced an online environment, an educator who's enthusiastic about technology in the classroom and someone who works in the edtech space to shed light on where technology is moving in regards to education and collaboration.

Richard D. Cassella (@cassella_) - MAT@USC graduate - Fight On! – Adj. Professor for UCLA Online – Basketball & Baseball Coach – Passionate about online learning.
San Kim (@sankim) - Founded Organize Columbia Venture Community & NYC Lean Startup Meetup. Top 30 worldwide in Flight Control.
Sarah Fudin (@sarahfudin) - Lehigh Alum, Social Media & Outreach for USC's MAT program (@USCTeacher), 2torian @2tor Into it: sandwiches, lacrosse & all things @vineyardvines

Learn by Doing - Bringing back Apprenticeships in Higher Education
A talk about the overprescribed model of higher education, that college was never meant for the masses, an in its efforts to scale, it has turned into a business model that is failing to generate enough value to justify its high tuition costs and subsequent debt crisis levels.

Shaila Ittycheria (@Shaila) - co-founder of @Enstitute. love macarons, whiskey, bacon, & dropping it like its hot. previously @localresponse, @birchbox, @hbsmba2010, @wsj, @microsoft, & @asu

Using technology to build bridges where there are none.
The use of videoconferencing for tablets and smart phones and how it is transforming access to the world for youth in the United States, Rwanda, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Chris Plutte (@chrisplutte) - Executive Director at Global Nomads Group

Building partnerships to create education that serves your constiuency.
The City of Hialeah Educational Academy was built when our city realized that students were dropping out of high school and obtaining a GED then going to train in a vocational school. We created a school to cater to those student.

David Concepcion (@dcuf33) - Chief of Staff to Mayor/Educational LIaison/City Clerk, City of HIaleah

Day 1 Recap

Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy
Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) - founder #140conf

End of Day 1

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